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Developing of the finite element package DiekA started in 1980 by Han Huétink  

for Finite Element Simulations of large elastic-plastic deformations, with application to simulation of forming processes.

Dieka is freely downloadable from, including executables and source code for Unix, Linux and MS-Windows.

Examples of Applications:
          Design of Robust Forming Processes by Numerical Simulations
          Biaxial tester

Link to the chair "Mechanics of Forming Processes" of J.(Han)Huétink, University of Twente.


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See Also Publications on "Mechanics of Forming Processes" at the University of Twente.

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Since  2012 research on Mechanics of Forming Processes is part of the research group   "Nonlinear Solid Mechanics",
under supervision of A.H.(Ton) van den Boogaard.